Up, up, up! Aqueduct of Vineyards Development Update 4

Up, up, up! Aqueduct of Vineyards Development Update 4

If you’ve travelled west on Highway 2000 recently and glanced to your left just before the Vineyards toll booth, you would notice something special happening at our new development.

We’ve started putting up the SmartHomes at Aqueduct of Vineyards, and boy do we feel good about this milestone! So far, we’ve put up four of the 52 SmartHomes in this development, and we aim to build two per week until all 52 are complete.

Each of the SmartHomes in this development come with a solar system, solar water heater, rainwater harvesting system, and an electric car charging outlet, in addition to the SMART light switches, outlets cameras and front door lock. All features are included in the purchase price of the SmartHomes. Located in Bushy Park, St Catherine, Aqueduct of Vineyards is a gated community with a recreational pond, jogging trail, children’s playground and a section of the 260-year old Bushy Park aqueduct, a Jamaica National Heritage Trust monument.

“This concept of Smart Living in the affordable segment of the residential real estate market is what differentiates our development from the other housing schemes,” says Joshua Burgess, Sales Officer at SmartHomes by CEAC.

“The additional features that make our developments SMART and energy-efficient are normally only available to the luxury segment, but Jamaicans of all income levels are ready for technology-enabled SmartHomes,” he added.

So far, said Mr Burgess, the response has been overwhelming.

“We get hundreds of inquiries, people wanting to know what a SmartHome is and whether everything is really included. Before we poured the first house we were sold out of our Garden model, but we still have the two-bedroom, one-bathroom Spring available at $19.9 million and the 2-bedroom two-bathroom Estate model, which is being sold for $27.2 million,” Mr Burgess added.

“And yes! All those features are included in the purchase price!”

SmartHomes by CEAC is currently accepting purchase applications for 52-two-bedroom SmartHomes in the Aqueducts of Vineyards, Bushy Park St Catherine.

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