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Disclaimer: Real Estate Dealers are required by law to collect and maintain your most current information. You are therefore asked to complete and return this form so that your records can be updated accordingly.

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The Buying Process

If you need a mortgage, contact your bank for a pre-approval letter. If you plan to use your National Housing Trust benefit, contact the NHT for an Eligibility Letter which confirms your loan limit. If you plan to buy cash, or supplement your mortgage with cash, contact your bank for a Proof of Funds letter on your bank or financial institution’s letterhead. Complete and submit application form here

Once received, your application will be evaluated, and if successful, a member of our team will contact you to schedule a meeting. If you live overseas, you must send a letter directly to us identifying the person locally who is authorized to conduct business on your behalf. Each purchaser must bring to the meeting:

  • Preapproval Letter
  • Proof of Funds (Letter from Financial Institution)
  • Jamaica Taxpayers Registration Number (TRN)
  • Valid Government-Issued Photo Identification (eg Passport, Driver’s License or National/Voter’s ID)
  • Name and Contact information for your Attorney.

At the meeting, you will be advised of the deposit amount and payment details and deadline. Once we receive confirmation of deposit, our attorneys-at-law, Lewis, Smith, Williams & Company (LSW) will contact you to collect your Sale Agreement. Sign and return the Sale Agreement to LSW. 

Once the mortgage process begins, LSW will provide your Homeowners’ package, which you will take you your mortgage company for processing. Your package will include:

  • Letters of Possession
  • Property Tax certificate
  • Title or Copy of Title
  • Copy of Government Electrical Inspectorate Certificate
  • Statement of Accounts
  • Certificate of Practical Completion

When LSW gets letter of undertaking from your bank, you will be invited to the development site for Pre-inspection. If there are defects, SmartHomes by CEAC will remedy them within a specified period, and once they are remedied, you will be invited back to conduct final inspection of unit.

Once final inspections are complete, it’s time to collect your Move-in Package which includes House Keys and Codes, Aqueduct of Vineyards Homeowners Manual, Warranties, and other final documents. You will also be advised of the date of the inaugural homeowners’ Annual General Meeting and Block Party where you will meet your neighbours and elect your community representatives. Now its time to relax and enjoy your SmartHome!