Frequently asked Questions

Have Questions? We Have Answers!

SmartHomes by CEAC will only accept deposits for neighborhoods actively under construction, so please ensure that applications are open for the neighborhood and lot you want to buy. We accept deposits of no less than 10% of the purchase price. Because our lots are individually priced, that dollar amount will vary.

Closing costs include fees and taxes that may represent a percentage of the purchase price, and include fees for professional services such as surveying and legal work. Please consult your attorney for the exact amounts.

Yes. We require a depsoit of no less than 10% of the purchase price of the house, to be paid at the time of signing the Agreement for Sale. If your lender offers financing that exceeds 90% of the purchase price, the balance will be refunded to you at closing.

Yes we do accept mortgages from the National Housing Trust, and purchasers can apply as a single applicant or co-apply with one other qualified NHT contributor to access a higher loan limit to purchase a house.

Please note, however, that the purchase price of our homes usually exceeds the maximum the NHT will lend to a single or co-applicant, so you likely will need to supplement the NHT loan either with funds from savings or with additional funds from another financial institution that will do a joint finance mortgage agreement with the NHT.

Yes. All our neighbourhoods are gated communities with recreational areas and a security post at the entrance. The cost for maintaining these is the collective responsibility of the homeowners. The amount payable and the frequency of payments will be determined by the Homeowners’ Association.

Yes. We recommend that all purchasers retain the services of an attorney-at-law licensed to practice in Jamaica. Check the General Legal Council of Jamaica for a list of licensed attorneys-at-law.

Yes, you can. However, all expansions are subject to the Homeowner’s Agreement, which may stipulate rules as to how and where expansion can take place. Further, SmartHomes by CEAC offers an expansion design already approved by the Homeowner’s Association as part of your homeowner’s package.

Yes. SmartHomes by CEAC will provide you with a report, however, depending on the requirements of the lender, you may need to commission your own survey.

Of course, you can! Our SmartHomes Standard PV System is modular and is configured to cover the basic daytime energy demands of a two-bedroom house. The basic package comes with 4 panels, you may add up to 16 panels of the same size; you may choose to upgrade your inverter, and you may add batteries up to 10kW. Depending on your usage, an expanded system may allow you to eliminate your entire electric bill AND offer a safe, stable supply of clean energy even through grid power cuts!

All SmartHomes by CEAC  homes come standard with a dedicated 220V EV charging outlet on the front verandah, making it easy to charge your electric or plug-in-hybrid vehicle. This is part of what makes our designs future-proof: you may not own an EV now, but if you do at any time in the future, you won’t have to do any modifications to your SmartHome to facilitate charging. 

No, you can’t. But the better question is, why would you want to?

CEAC engineers and its network of partners are all experts at the top of their fields, and we’ve managed to create a home at a purchase price that is about the same as our competitors, but that gives you so much more. With our systems you will significantly reduce the operating expenses of your home, you will have backup energy and water during outages, droughts, and natural disasters, and you will have the ability to control your appliances and lights remotely. All Jamaican homeowners deserve world class designed and constructed homes, and we are making this a reality, one SmartHome at a time.

All systems come with a warranty and we’ve included warranty information and  a list of the suppliers and service providers that have worked on your home in your SmartHomes Homeowners’ Manual. If any system has problems or stops working during the warranty period, please contact the appropriate supplier or service provider. Your Homeowners’ Manual also includes details about your water, electrical and communications lines. After the warranty period ends, you may choose to call the service providers listed in the Manual, or you may source your own experts to fix, replace or expand your system.

Yes! Well…domestic pets such as cats, dogs, aquarium fish, caged birds/rodents etc are allowed, however, they must be on a leash and under control at all times while in common areas and confined to your property at all other times. Breeding or rearing of animals is strictly prohibited, and farm animals such as cows, goats, pigs etc are not allowed.

Once all the SmartHomes in your neighbourhood have been handed over to new owners, you and your neighbours will convene a Homeowner’s Association meeting. At that meeting the Homeowners will decide how much and how often each homeowner will be required to contribute toward maintaining the communal spaces and facilities such as the security post, the recreational areas, and the automatic gate.

SmartHomes by CEAC started construction on Aqueduct of Vineyards in December 2022, and we are actively working to start construction on Bellevue Hills Estate and Tessera, Bernard Lodge. Subscribe to our newsletter to be first to get the latest updates, special offers and more! You can also follow us on social media @smarthomesjamaica or check this website from time to time.