Hurricane Update

We’re proud to say that during the passage of Hurricane Beryl, our SmartHomes at Aqueduct of Vineyards performed as expected; we’re dry! Designed with concrete slab roofs, rooftop solar systems, and two water tanks, one for rainwater and one for potable water, our SmartHomes are built to withstand a category 4 hurricane, and a 50-year flood (a […]

Aqueduct of Vineyards Development Update 5

In our last development update, we mentioned that we built 4 out of 52 SmartHomes in Aqueduct of Vineyards. We are happy to announce that we have made significant progress since then. Not only have we built all 52 SmartHomes and started on the finishing for them, but we have also completed the waterproofing for […]

Up, up, up! Aqueduct of Vineyards Development Update 4

If you’ve travelled west on Highway 2000 recently and glanced to your left just before the Vineyards toll booth, you would notice something special happening at our new development. We’ve started putting up the SmartHomes at Aqueduct of Vineyards, and boy do we feel good about this milestone! So far, we’ve put up four of […]

“The Listing” features Aqueduct of Vineyards – TVJ debut

Lights! Camera! Action! Aqueducts! ‘The Listing’, Jamaica’s hottest tv variety show debuted on Sunday July 30, 2023, featuring none other than SmartHomes by CEAC’s Aqueducts of Vineyards! Hosted by Anjell Alishea, The Listing takes viewers inside the world of Jamaican real estate, featuring interesting and upcoming projects for every budget and taste. In the debut […]