JNHT visits Aqueduct of Vineyards Construction Site

JNHT visits Aqueduct of Vineyards Construction Site

The Jamaica National Heritage Trust (JNHT), the government agency tasked with promoting, preserving and developing Jamaica’s material cultural heritage, has indicated its satisfaction with restoration and preservation activities done by SmartHomes by CEAC on the section of the Bushy Park Aqueduct that remains on the Aqueduct of Vineyards site. A small team from the JNHT gave the thumbs-up when they visited the site on November 29 2022 and again on February 16 2023 to inspect the aqueduct and to ensure that construction activities were not threatening the centuries-old structure.

The section of the Bushy Park Aqueduct that runs through Aqueduct of Vineyards is an irreplaceable part of Jamaican heritage, given that it is one of the last remaining sections of the once 559-metre long watercourse still standing. The Bushy Park Aqueduct is unique because it is the only one in Jamaica that has an added design, decorative circles above each column and between the arches.

The aqueduct was built in the 18th century, but in the mid-19th century was modified to install an iron pipe on top, probably to increase the volume of water it carried and to channel the water more efficiently. The JNHT team recommended that as SmartHomes by CEAC executes its restoration work, the pipe be left intact to maintain the structural integrity of the aqueduct.

In designing the neighbourhood, SmartHomes by CEAC designated 5 metres of green space on either side of the aqueduct, offering residents an additional recreational area and the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and majesty of this creation of our ancestors.

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Aqueduct of Vineyards Project Manager Eng. Abigail Duquensay escorts a team from the Jamaica National Heritage Trust (JNHT) as the agency inspects a section of the Bushy Park Aqueduct, a 260-year-old Jamaica National Heritage Monument.

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