Introducing SmartHomes by CEAC

Introducing SmartHomes by CEAC

SmartHomes by CEAC is the residential real estate development arm of CEAC Outsourcing Company Limited. We’re a small team with lots of experience solving complex challenges, and we’ve decided to reset the standards expected from Jamaica’s housing market.

We’re not exactly new to the game: CEAC has worked on real estate projects in Jamaica for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve developed an all-Jamaican network of world-class professionals who are experts in construction.

A house is not just a place to live and raise your family, it’s also a major lifetime investment. SmartHomes by CEAC are designed around the philosophy that energy efficient, tech-enabled, future-proof homes in safe neighbourhoods with generous recreational space should be affordable and accessible to all Jamaicans. The homes we build are competitively priced, but offer additional lifetime value, and are expandable, allowing you to add space and features over time.

SmartHomes is CEAC’s answer to the challenge of how to build high-quality, affordable homes that are environment friendly and future-proofed for climate and changing technology.

Homes for tomorrow, available today.

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