GoJ Workers SAVE BIG with SmartHomes!

GoJ Workers SAVE BIG with SmartHomes!

Do you work for the Government of Jamaica? SmartHomes by CEAC has a deal for you!

We know how hard it is to find affordable housing, and we know the commitment government workers put into keeping the country running. As part of CEAC’s initiative to give back to Jamaica, we’re paying it forward: J$100,000 at a time.

All government employees get a J$100,000 discount off the purchase price of each of our SmartHomes (one discount per SmartHome). Whether you work for a ministry, agency, department or any other government body, you are eligible for this discount, once you present a job letter on letterhead from your HR department.

Have you applied for your SmartHome yet? If not, get going! We’re working hard to have you spend next Christmas in your new Aqueduct of Vineyards SmartHome.

SmartHomes by CEAC is currently accepting purchase applications for 52-two-bedroom SmartHomes in the Aqueducts of Vineyards, Bushy Park St Catherine. Click here to learn more and submit your application today!

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