Introducing SmartHomes by CEAC

SmartHomes by CEAC is the residential real estate development arm of CEAC Outsourcing Company Limited. We’re a small team with lots of experience solving complex challenges, and we’ve decided to reset the standards expected from Jamaica’s housing market. We’re not exactly new to the game: CEAC has worked on real estate projects in Jamaica for […]

Update: Conditions of Sub-division Approval Pending for Aqueduct of Vineyards

Late last year we introduced “SmartHomes” a new development concept. The goal is to provide modern and affordable community spaces and homes that utilizes energy conservation and climate resilient technologies. The first of these communities, “Aqueduct of Vineyards” is set to be constructed in Bushy Park St. Catherine and is to be Jamaica’s first smart […]

First Time Home Owners – Tips

Start saving for the down payment – It is typical for prospective homeowners to put down 20% in anticipation of their first home payment, however many institutions allow for down payments of less than 10%. Note that if this is done it may result in higher overall costs. Seek guidance for a professional financial organization […]

Mortgage Options for the New Homeowner

It’s never been easier for Jamaicans to qualify for mortgage loans than it is now. Just recently, the Government of Jamaica has “eased the tax burden on real estate transactions”, causing a frenzy of new financing options to come forth from private banking institutions. These options vary between institutions as it relates to promotions and […]

Benefits of residential Solar/PV systems

It goes without saying that electricity is expensive in Jamaica, however many don’t realize just how inefficient the traditional power grid is… TYPE OF SYSTEMS Grid Tie – Is a simple installation of panels where there is no storage present. This system allows the user to reduce their electricity cost by making direct use of […]

Electric Vehicles: The Wave of the Future?

Countries such as Norway, Iceland, and Sweden have taken the lead in the international marketplace as it relates to electric vehicle (EV) adoption. At the forefront of this revolution, Norway boasts a 49% acceptance and usage rate amongst its citizens. Other countries such as the USA have been attempting to replicate these results, however, at […]

The Aqueduct of Vineyards and Its Restoration

The Bushy Park Aqueduct was constructed in the mid 1700s and was a significant part of the Bushy Park Sugar Estate factory works. The bricks used in the process were held in place by crushed limestone, molasses, animal dung, and dry grass. The aqueduct facilitated the transportation of water from the Spring Garden River to […]